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About Us

Dear Students,

The need for law education has reached a very important point for our country and its future. Especially in the years following the year 2000, radical reforms were made in the democratic rule of law mechanism regarding the current and really important basic rules regarding both public and private law, which the society firstly needed.

The existence of legal rules and the principle of the rule of law are indispensable elements of being a state of law. It is obvious that the importance of legal education and training for the maintenance of the democratic rule of law identity in an objective sense cannot be denied.

It is known that the most important reason for existence of legal rules along with other reasons of existence is essentially to provide justice. Because the most important idea that forms the basis of the state is justice. For the realization of this most important reason for the existence of law, there is a need for educated, highly qualified, contemporary and internationally equipped lawyers who will apply the rules of law objectively.

As Hasan Kalyoncu University Faculty of Law, our goal is to train lawyers with these qualifications.

Hasan Kalyoncu University Faculty of Law aims to train dynamic lawyers who are creative, who think differently and who will contribute to the formation of legal regulations with the knowledge and experience they have in addition to applying the law, beyond the stereotyped, known, classical legal knowledge and thought.

As the Faculty of Law, in line with the developments in legal education in the world, besides the classical law branches, our students will be offered specialization courses in a wide range of fields such as intellectual property law, competition law, energy law and international economic law.

Although our undergraduate courses are given in Turkish in our faculty, which is aware of the importance of legal education and training, we think that the difficulty of acquiring a profession without knowing a foreign language will be understood when we consider the fact that the phenomenon of globalization affects our lives so closely. In this direction, our contemporary observing that law faculties have also grasped the importance, they see English, which has gained importance on a global scale and has become the international communication language of today, during their law undergraduate education.

While performing all these professions, it is one of the main objectives of our Faculty of Law to show our students the new developing areas that they can specialize in since their undergraduate education, and to ensure that they can make a difference in both public and private sector and academic life with their expertise in these fields.

You, our esteemed students, who will take legal education and training at Hasan Kalyoncu University Faculty of Law, can work in professions such as judge, prosecutor, lawyer, district governor, notary, as well as in international organizations and private sector, including international mission duties. You will have the opportunity to continue your business life. In addition, these roads will be open for our students who have the goal of transitioning to academic life.

Quality policy

The Quality Policy of Hasan Kalyoncu University Faculty of Law is Expressed as follows:

  • Updating and meeting the education and training service in line with the needs and expectations of all relevant parties
  • Ensuring the participation of all internal and external stakeholders, especially students and employees, in the processes and increasing their satisfaction
  • Establishing individuals who have productive thinking and adopt the principle of approaching problems with solutions with suggestions.
  • Ensuring the coordination of students and employees among themselves and with each other and strengthening communication
  • Contributing to the expansion of output targets by organizing national and international events in order to become recognized at international standards.
  • Developing the ability of students to apply by bringing together the problems encountered in the theory of law and the problems experienced in daily life, and the ability to apply theory and practice together.
  • To reduce the processes that do not create value and waste time, to follow and apply the daily developments in the legal field and to make continuous improvements;
  • The quality policy of our faculty is to ensure the development of students in terms of social activities by increasing lifelong learning, artistic, cultural and sports activities rather than limiting individuals only with theoretical studies.