Visual Communication Design

Our department of visual communication design aims to raise visual communication designers having both artistic and technological knowledge and skill, dominating communication technologies, knowing design principles, finding a solution of problems, being creative, making right designs, improving effective communication strategies, following the universal but being aware of local needs at the same time, thinking interdisciplinary.

Our academic program starts all the processes of a design from the idea stage and deals with step by step, including idea development, planning, presentation and application, and it presents all information that a visual communication designer needs. Also, it is for providing to gain experience of student in application without having graduated with sectoral conferences, events organized within the year, foreign educational collaborations and internship agreements.

Our students graduating from department of Visual Communication Design are ready to make visual designs for social media, mobile devices, cinema, television and internet; they can work in fields such as web-graphic design, desktop publishing, advertising agencies, corporate communication departments, photography, cinema and television.